Foot Stability

Base of balance
The feet are the foundation of the human body. With a total of 26 bones, they have a similarly complex structure to the spine. Their importance for holistic well-being is correspondingly great. Healthy and strong feet are the basis for the balance and stability of the entire body.

Foot malposition

Foot malposition quickly leads to imbalances. Many people around the world suffer from the resulting complaints. The causes and symptoms vary greatly. Foot malposition can be congenital or caused by injuries, poor posture or the wrong footwear.

The arch of the foot is narrow and the foot muscles are strong. The pressure is distributed evenly over the entire sole of the foot.

Hollow foot

The arch of the foot is very pronounced and the back of the foot is raised. The pressure is therefore only distributed over a small part of the sole of the foot and the ball of the foot is subjected to an unusually high load.

Flat splayfoot

The metatarsal bones are splayed and the arch of the foot flattens. This puts more strain on the middle bones in the forefoot and the pressure is distributed unevenly. If the arch of the foot sinks to the ground, it is called a flat foot.

Hallux valgus

The first metatarsal is bent outwards and the big toe is bent towards the other toes. This results in a bulging bunion and an enlarged forefoot.

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Get advice

An individual analysis and professional advice are very important for foot malposition. Insoles can help but are not always the first choice. We will inform you about treatment options and will be happy to help you stabilise the basis of your balance with our holistic approach.

Treatment of foot malposition
The right therapy is as individual as the foot malposition itself and ultimately depends on the degree of impairment. Our holistic approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of the deformity and includes the use of custom-made insoles and active training in the form of workshops. This alleviates the symptoms and pain and, at the same time, tackles the cause of the malposition.

Arrange a consultation with us and we will analyse the malposition of your feet together. The examination always takes place both statically and dynamically. We take a digital foot pressure measurement and take an impression of your feet. We use palpation to test the range of movement of the joints, from the ankle joint to the knee, hip and shoulder. In this way, we take a holistic medical history and can draw on a comprehensive analysis for further therapy.


Our orthopaedic insoles can help to alleviate the symptoms and the associated pain. The custom-made products are precisely adapted to the shape of the foot, the deformity and the respective shoe and are made by hand in Rosenheim by our experienced master craftsmen.


n addition to the use of insoles, an active approach also contributes to the natural health of the feet. An essential component of this is a targeted training programme that mobilises and strengthens the feet. As part of our basic workshop, we impart the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge with the aim of actively integrating what you have learned into your everyday life and maintaining foot stability in the long term.

Our insoles

Our foot orthoses meet the highest functional quality standards of orthopaedic technology and help patients to strengthen the basis of their own balance. We have the right insoles for every patient.

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