Orthopaedic Design

We use our technical and orthopaedic know-how to develop individual product concepts. From analysis and conception to preparing the final product data, we offer a holistic implementation of the orthopaedic design.
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Our service
We analyse the individual needs of our patients in detail and subsequently develop the necessary requirements for the product from an orthopaedic and technical point of view.
Concept design
Based on the findings from the analysis, we develop an individual product concept that optimally meets the requirements and sustainably improves the patient's life.
We implement the product concept in our special programmes and prepare the data ready for production. If requested, we also offer the precise manufacturing of the solutions afterwards.
Helmet with bite guard
In this concept, we have added a lightweight but effective bite guard to our helmet design. The patient was previously wearing a severely restrictive ice hockey facemask. Through our approach, we were able to provide the patient with a great deal of improvement and quality of life in everyday life.