One factor makes our protective and corrective helmets stand out from the competition: full control of every detail of the design. To achieve this, we use cutting-edge scanning procedures, highly qualified CAD specialists, and innovative production procedures and materials.
Illustrierter, deformierter Kinderkopf von der Seite in Brand Farben

We refuse to compromise when it comes to our children's corrective helmets. Only our best CAD specialists create the data basis for a perfectly fitting final product.

Illustrierter Kopf von der Seite in Brand Farben

Every parameter of our additively manufactured protective helmets is controlled down to the smallest detail, in order to accurately adapt the weight, protection, comfort and ventilation to the needs of the patient.

Illustrierter Kopf einer Kraniektomie in Brand Farben

For postoperative care, we use a special two-layer design made from soft TPU and hard polyamide. Precision-fit recesses ensure maximum protection.

Product benefits
What makes the helmet special

Our helmets are all manufactured in line with the latest standards of additive manufacturing. We use biocompatible materials, thus guaranteeing the best possible result for the patient's needs.

All colour combinations

Individual tailoring

By adjusting the cushioning TPU structure, the protective effect is adapted to the requirements of each patient. The surgical wound is especially well protected by a closed honeycomb system.


Vents on the intact areas of the head provide the best possible ventilation.

Easy cleaning

All our materials are scratch-resistant and can be easily cleaned with dishwashing soap and hot water. This ensures a fresh and comfortable feeling at all times, even in hot temperatures.

Farben CranioPro (PA / TPU)

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Black / Life

Black / Cloud

Life / Black

Life / Life

Life / Cloud

Spirit / Black

Spirit / Life

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Farben EpiPro




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Our unique production process
Contactless scan
The basis for our care. The head is measured precisely and the results sent to us directly. The process is easy to integrate. This way, scan data can be transferred to us from all over the world, via our database, without any problems.
Millimeter precision, individually adaptable
Every scan is viewed, checked and optimised by our CAD specialists. This way, we lay the foundation for a successful treatment.
Easily replicable
The data from our customers is saved directly with us, in accordance with strict data protection measures. This allows us to access the data at any time, and quickly replicate the final product and adapt it to the course of treatment.

All helmets

As well as postoperative care, neja also offers protective helmets for epileptics and high-precision modeling for children's corrective helmets.
neja CranioRev Modelling

Only perfect children’s corrective helmets allow treatment to have the desired effect. For this reason, we refuse to compromise when it comes to creating data. We provide our partners with a functional form, milled to be precise to the millimeter, which can then be used to manufacture the respective helmet.  

  • years of experience in the field of orthopaedic modelling
  • uncomplicated data capture via 3D scan can be collected anywhere in the world
  • Professional modelling and in-house milling service
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neja EpiPro Helmet

The helmet made from our TPU lattice structure is custom-made for each patient. This way, we not only make sure it fits perfectly, but can also adjust the dampening effect individually to meet the respective requirements. The denser the lattice structure, the greater the protection.

  • individually adjustable protection depending on activity level
  • adjustable ventilation
  • super easy and uncomplicated cleaning
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neja CranioPro Helmet

The neja CranioPro helmet consists of a special two-component construction. The inside, which rests against the head, consists of a highly cushioning lattice structure made of soft TPU. The outer shell is made of extremely robust polyamide and has a high impact-absorbing effect. The area of the skull that is uncovered after the operation is left out to avoid the swelling and is nevertheless optimally protected. The air-permeable mesh on the inside ensures good ventilation. For people wearing glasses, a special recess is taken into account at the temples, making it easy to put on and take off the glasses even while wearing the helmet.

  • Inner lattice structure adjustable according to activity level
  • extremely robust outer shell
  • optimal ventilation
  • Suitable for eyeglass
  • Easy to clean
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