Service & Fabrication

We offer our partners a holistic and comprehensive service. Our services can be selected on a modular basis and flexibly adapted to meet your requirements.
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Treatment safety

20 years of experience and a unique process guarantee the best possible global treatment safety.

Functional form milling

We produce CAD data with high precision and offer an in-house milling service for functional forms.

Ready to fit

Our products are completely customised to the patient and manufactured by hand. You only have to do the final touches directly on the patient.

Our most valuable commitment - treatment safety.
Patented process
Our process is unique for neja and is perfectly adapted to our products. From analysis, therapy strategy and data preparation to the finished product, all elements are optimally integrated. This is how we guarantee products of the highest quality and functionality.
Outstanding network
Our network of experts unites specialists worldwide. The constant exchange of knowledge and regular training ensure that our patients receive the best possible consultation and care not only from us, but also from our partners.
Product and patient support
At neja, patients are not numbers but people. Every person and every condition is considered individually by us and our partners and the best possible care is provided. Even after a product has been delivered, we are always available with advice and support and have an open ear for all problems that may arise in the course of a therapy. In special cases, no journey is too far for us to be personally available to our partners and patients.
Service fabrication
Handling of CAD data and functional forms
With the utmost precision, our CAD experts produce data for functional forms which are the basis for the production of numerous orthopaedic solutions. In addition to data preparation, we also offer an in-house milling service with our 7-axis robot. All we need is a 3D scan or measurement of the affected body part. This data can be sent to us directly, quickly and securely via our specifically programmed database. 
Made to measure
Ready to fit
Our products are designed, modelled, and handcrafted in our workshop with great care. Our innovative programs and technologies offer us a wide range of possibilities to meet patient and product requirements. All our products are delivered as well as finished, only the final touches have to be performed by our partners directly on the patient. Should any questions arise during this last process, our experts will be happy to help.