Our goal is to enable scoliosis patients to live a freer and pain-free life. Our innovative brace manufacturing is an important part of holistic therapy to counteract the progression of scoliosis at an early stage.

Scoliosis detection

Early detection of scoliosis sets the course for successful treatment. Through regular observation of your posture and simple tests, atypical changes can be easily detected. Our experts will be happy to help you.
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In a standing posture the head and hips form a straight line. The torso is symmetrically aligned, the shoulders and pelvis are in line and the shoulders are straight.

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Possible scoliosis

Even slight deviations can indicate scoliosis, such as sloping shoulders or when the head is outside the centre of the buttocks.

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Possible scoliosis

Asymmetry and initial hunching of the thoracic spine are strong signs of scoliosis. They are usually located in the thoracic spine and are accompanied by asymmetrical shoulders.

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Possible scoliosis

If there is asymmetry in the lumbar region of the spine, a hunchback is also possible. This is usually in the area of the lumbar spine in combination with an uneven waist.

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Get advice

Individual analysis and professional advice are very important for scoliosis. Our experts take a holistic approach to your request and help you on your way to a free life.

Therapy of scoliosis
Scoliosis is treatable and a mobile life is possible. We help you holistically and accompany you on your way in the long term.
Orthotic treatment

Early orthotic treatment is essential for limiting scoliosis during the growth phase. Our braces are custom-made and ensure an optimal fit for everyday life without any restrictions.


Physiotherapy is an important component in the treatment of scoliosis. Special approaches, such as the so-called Schroth therapy, have exercises ready to help straighten the spine. We are happy to help you find suitable partners.

Psychological support

Those affected are often under pressure due to the disease or wearing a corset. Therefore, professional support within the framework of psychotherapy can be useful. We look for the right help together.

Our braces

Our braces guarantee maximum comfort and thus optimally support patients in everyday life. They meet the highest quality standards of orthopaedic technology and guarantee every patient the freedom for a better life.

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Our holistic approach
Individual analysis
Orthopaedic conditions are as individual as the patients themselves. That is why our support always begins with a personal consultation and a professional analysis. This takes place directly with us or with the support of one of our worldwide partners.
Holistic treatment strategy
We create a personal, holistic treatment plan for each patient. Through this comprehensive therapy strategy and our innovative fabrications, we achieve the best possible results.
Orthopaedic design
Our highly qualified team always focuses on purposeful and highly individual product development and uses a wide range of specialized software solutions. This enables us to provide even CAD-inexperienced partners and their patients with cutting-edge results.
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Handmade production
Our technical expertise, combined with orthopaedic know-how, allows us to offer the best solution for patients. All our products are handmade and finalised directly on the patient's body at the end of the process. For a better life with maximum freedom.
Personal check-ups
Each fabrication is fitted to the patient at our headquarters or via our partners and regularly checked throughout the therapy. In this way, we guarantee lifelong and worldwide treatment safety.
Advanced network education
Since the beginning, we have been working on a worldwide network of specialists and are in constant exchange with today 58 global expert centres. Our partners are trained at our headquarters through regular seminars and advanced trainings.
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