Legs & Feet

Our functional orthoses for legs and feet are specially developed for optimal stabilization and immobilization of the lower extremities. Our innovative production and precise adaptation to the individual needs and conditions of the patient ensure optimal treatment success.

Gradient 1 Gradient 1 Mobile

We offer specially made orthoses for the whole leg, from the hip to the foot.

Lower leg

We offer functional orthoses for the knee and foot areas.


We offer orthoses for the whole foot area.

Foot sole

We offer insoles for high foot stability.



Our specially manufactured orthoses for the whole leg provide optimal stabilization of joints and bones, from the hip to the foot, and compensate as much as possible for the missing muscle activity, restoring functionality as quickly as possible.
neja G1
Orthosis for thigh, lower leg and foot

Our G1 helps restore functionality to the entire leg. The special design and dynamic orthotic joints ensure that that the ability to walk is restored as quickly as possible, and also that the leg is optimally positioned.

  • Maximum functionality for fast regeneration
  • Particularly light construction
  • Can be individually combined with different joint systems
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Lower Leg

Our orthoses for the lower leg area ensure that bones and joints are stabilised correctly from the knee to the foot. They compensate for missing muscle activity to quickly restore functionality.
neja Pro Walk night
Our clubfoot orthosis

Our Pro Walk night serves to correct deformity, usually caused by a partly inherent muscle imbalance. Additive manufacturing based on 3D scans ensures an optimal fit and the best possible comfort.

  • innovative, biomechanical design
  • velcro fastening
  • optimal fit
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neja Pero Dynamic
Dynamic Peroneus orthosis

Our Pero Dynamic has been specially developed to replace missing muscle function in the case of paralysis in the lower leg and peroneal nerve paralysis. Innovatively based on 3D scans, the orthoses are perfectly adapted to the patients.

  • Individual production based on 3D scans
  • Particularly lightweight construction
  • Easy to integrate into everyday life
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neja neuro Dynamic
Flexible lower leg orthosis with ring frame

Our neuro Dynamic restores functionality and stability of the lower leg, from the knee to the ankle and foot. The special design and individually integrable orthotic joint optimises the walking function and ensure the leg is correctly positioned.

  • Innovative, biomechanical design
  • rapid restoration of walking ability
  • easy to integrate into everyday life
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Our orthoses for the foot are specially made to stabilise and correct bones and joints, restoring functionality as effectively as possible.
neja DAFO
Dynamic foot orthosis

Our DAFO is a semi-flexible, cross-ankle orthosis for treating cerebral palsy and other neurological areas of application. Particularly dynamic, thanks to the special proprioceptive footbed to support the sensorimotor system.

  • Biomechanical design to straighten the foot
  • customised fabrication based on 3D scans
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neja AFO TR

Our AFO TR is a fixed foot orthosis with a flexible inlay for the optimal correction of the lower ankle. Innovative manufacturing guarantees versatile application, e.g. in the case of skewed flat feet.

  • biomechanical design to straighten the foot
  • custom fabrication based on 3D scans
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neja neuro Dynamic Aqua
Bath orthosis

Our neuro Dynamic Aqua is a protective bath orthosis for the lower leg and foot. Specially developed for indoor and outdoor activities in water. The individual manufacturing with adapted sole makes for extra comfort and the ease of use makes everyday life easier.

  • stabilisation and flexibility at the same time
  • individual production based on 3D scans
  • integrated sole for extra comfort
  • easy handling
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Foot sole

Our insoles are designed to stabilise the feet and correct any malpositions. Healthy and strong feet form the basis of balance and have a positive effect on the entire body.
Insoles for diabetics
Based on foot pressure measurement

Our experts take the utmost care in producing insoles tailored to the requirements of diabetic feet. Innovative technologies and high-quality materials, combined with our many years of experience, ensure the best possible safety.

  • Professional foot impression + 3D scan
  • Dynamic gait analysis
  • Foot pressure measurement
  • Insole measurement in the shoe
  • Tuning fork test
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Basic insoles for everyday use
Custom-made with neja CAD technology

Our basic insoles provide comfort and stability for a wide range of foot misalignments. They are reimbursed 100 % by health insurance companies.

  • Professional foot impression
  • Optimum fit in the shoe
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Customised insoles
Different material combinations and special biomechanical designs

The right insole is as individual as the malposition of the foot. Our experts take the time to analyse the foot in detail. Based on their many years of experience, they ensure the best possible treatment with a customised foot orthosis and other treatment options.

  • Professional foot impression
  • Dynamic gait analysis
  • Palpation – professional foot impression + 3D scan
  • Foot pressure measurement
  • Optimal fit in the shoe
  • Shoe consultation
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Insoles for work and safety shoes
Type-tested and certified

The insoles are designed for use in work shoes and have a valid type examination in accordance with BGR 191.

  • Professional impression
  • Dynamic gait analysis
  • Palpation – professional foot impression + 3D scan
  • Foot pressure measurement
  • Individual adjustment of problem areas
  • Choice of high-quality cover
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