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Brace therapy for neurological scoliosis

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14.March 2024
Reading time: min
14.March 2024
Diagnosis: Neurological disorder

When a neuromuscular disorder or disease is diagnosed, patients and their families are faced with a number of important decisions. The precise clarification of the diagnosis is key. Following this, it is important to establish an interdisciplinary treatment team consisting of specialists from the fields of medicine, therapy and orthopaedic technology. The right instructions for daily care provided by professional nursing staff are just as crucial for managing everyday life. Based on the various specialist areas, the treatment team develops a suitable therapy plan.


Planning the orthopedic treatment

The neuro Brace is used as an orthopaedic brace specifically for neuromuscular disorders. The treatment with the neuro Brace is always adapted to the individual scoliosis level, the underlying neurological disease and the specific needs of the patient. The treatment goals and integration of the brace into everyday life play a particularly important role.


neja CAD – Production with proven digital technology

We use our proven neja CAD technology to produce the neuro Brace as brace for neurological disorders with associated scoliosis in children and adolescents. The materials used are optimally designed for function and integration into everyday life and support the individual therapy goals.


Function and areas of application of the orthopaedic brace

The neuro Brace fulfills a variety of functions and offers numerous advantages:

  • Enables free sitting and maintains mobility.
  • Guarantees free movement of the arms.
  • Slows down or prevents deformation of the spine and can thus prevent organ damage.
  • Supports breathing and can improve it, particularly in the case of conditions such as SMA spinal muscular atrophy.
  • Makes transportation of the patient easier.
  • Provides therapeutic benefits and promotes psychomental development.
  • More hygienic and easier to clean than other products.


Lightweight and flexible

The material of the neuro Brace is lightweight and flexible, but at the same time stable enough to provide optimum support for the torso and head. It has integrated local padding to protect the body parts. Two durable fasteners ensure a secure fit.


Versatile in application

The neuro Brace stands out for its versatility. It has a slim design and is perfectly optimized for use in a wheelchair, but is also suitable for other everyday activities. During the fitting, the brace is adjusted precisely to the patient and fine-tuned for daily use.


Fitting and fine tuning of the neuro Brace

The fine tuning for everyday life of the patient takes place during the fitting. For example, the exact cut of the seat edge and the end of the thigh is used to adjust the stability when sitting and the mobility for controlling the wheelchair.


For a better life

Our neuro Brace enables a more liberated everyday life and is a great support in the patient’s treatment.