Cast Resin Technology

Epoxy resin
We use cast resin to manufacture light but highly durable products. In doing so, we work in multiple layers with different fibre composites and fibrous composite materials. This allows us to control the properties of individual areas precisely. Movable joints can be infused directly and thus joined extremely robustly to the orthosis.

Our cast resin products

neja G1
Orthosis for knee, ankle and foot

Our G1 helps restore functionality to the entire leg. The special design and dynamic orthotic joints ensure that that the ability to walk is restored as quickly as possible, and also that the leg is optimally positioned.

  • Maximum functionality for fast regeneration
  • Particularly light construction
  • Can be individually combined with different joint systems
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neja AFO TR

Our AFO TR is a fixed foot orthosis with a flexible inlay for the optimal correction of the lower ankle. Innovative manufacturing guarantees versatile application, e.g. in the case of skewed flat feet.

  • biomechanical design to straighten the foot
  • custom fabrication based on 3D scans
  • lifetime treatment safety
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