Plastic polypropylene is used to manufacture orthoses in a vacuum thermoforming process. With our seven-axis milling robots, we produce high-precision raw forms, over which the heated plastic is shaped. The products are very flexible, whilst at the same time being extremely stable in form. Once cooled, the resulting blanks are processed manually and prepared for the patient fitting. The final touches are made directly while the orthosis is on the patient's body. Even in retrospect, it is possible to react ideally to changes in the patient's body, as the starting material is still workable when heated.

Our products

neja scolio RSC®
Correction of Scoliosis

Our innovative scolio RSC® Brace guarantees a great amount of safety, with a particularly lightweight design and optimal fit. Developed by neja co-founder Dino Gallo, together with experts Dr. Mina Jelacic and Dr. Manuel Rigo, it gives the patient the best possible life in the long term.

  • High comfort due to optimal fit
  • Established form of therapy and great chances of success
  • Part of a holistic treatment strategy
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neja scolio RSC® night
Correction of Scoliosis at night

Our scolio RSC® night Brace is based on the Skolio RSC® Brace and has been specifically developed to be worn at night. It is ideally suited to smaller curvatures or specific applications and indications. The special manufacturing makes a wearing time of eight to ten hours possible without complaint, and allows everyday life without limitations.

  • specifically for overnight scoliosis therapy
  • suitable for small curvatures
  • optimal fit for maximum comfort
  • useful addition to the day corset
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neja scolio adult
Correction of Scoliosis for adults

Our scolio adult Brace has been specially developed for pain management among adult patients. The TLSO trunk orthosis is manufactured in CAD technology using a 3D scan, meaning it is precisely adapted to the patient’s requirements.

  • specifically for the pain therapy of adult patients
  • ideal fit
  • improving the quality of life
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neja sBrace T
Kyphosis correction

Our sBrace T is used to treat the sagittal profile of the spine. The particularly stable design of the frame makes it possible to customise the functions of the brace. The mechanism is individually adapted to the patient. The corset modules can also be used systematically to treat traumas, or degenerative spinal diseases.

  • highly efficient production through 3D scans in CAD technology
  • modular design for the treatment of individual problems
  • can be optimally integrated into everyday life
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neja sBrace TL
brace for the treatment of thoracolumbar kyphosis

Our sBrace TL provides the patient with support in the thoracolumbar area of the spine. The mechanism of the trunk orthosis is configured precisely by us or our specialist partners, and provides the best possible conditions for regeneration and healing. The corset modules are used in cases of Morbus Scheuermann and kyphosis.

  • innovative and functional design
  • optimal fit based on 3D scans in CAD technology
  • improvement of the quality of life
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neja sBrace L
Brace for lordosis and Scheuermann's disease

Our sBrace L is a particularly versatile trunk orthosis for the straightening and lordosis of the sagittal profile of the spine. Systematically customising the TLSO trunk orthosis defines the necessary biomechanical effect for the respective treatment objective.

  • biomechanical design, particularly light and stable
  • optimal fit based on 3D scans in CAD technology
  • versatile use
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neja sBrace flex
Trunk orthosis for delordosis

Our sBrace flex can be used universally to treat degenerative and traumatic spinal damage, such as spondylolisthesis and the wearing of discs.

  • flexible design
  • optimal fit based on 3D scans in CAD technology
  • universal applicability
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neja sBrace sc
Kyphosis & Scoliosis Correction

Our sBrace sc is the ideal combination of scoliosis corset and kyphosis corset. The perfect fit allows the treatment to be a successful as possible.

  • particularly functional design
  • optimal treatment of kyphosis & scoliosis
  • efficient corrective measure
  • individual production
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neja neuro Brace
Correction of neurological scolioses

Our neuro Brace is used specifically for treating neurological scoliosis. As a functional seat corset, it reduces bad posture and the deformation of the trunk, offering a flexible alternative to treatment with seat shells, which are associated with wheelchairs.

  • flexible and functional design
  • easy to integrate into everyday life
  • supports psychomotor development
  • optimal fit based on 3D scans and CAD technology
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neja neuro Brace seat
Correction of neurological scolioses and for motor development

Our neuro Brace seat supports patients with neurological dispositions and offers optimal help in cases of congenital and traumatic paralysis, syndromes and SMA. The 3D scanning procedure means the seat corset is precisely tailored to everyday demands and can be adapted with padding and inlays as required.

  • flexible and dimensionally stable design with leg guide and decubitus protection
  • perfect support in everyday life
  • optimal fit based on 3D scans in CAD technology
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neja spinal Brace
Individual TLSO trunk orthosis system

The TLSO trunk brace are characterised by their highly functional design. They are used for the treatment of all spinal disorders such as correction, degenerative and traumatic disorders and rehabilitation.

  • Extremely flexible in use
  • Individually optimised to the patient’s needs, requirements and indication
  • Optimised for everyday life maximum functionality, relief and help
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